FRACTALIZE: Twitter Salon/ Cyborg Soirée

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at  7 – 9 pm

For: All ages, no prior experience needed.

Join artists Lesley Loksi Chan, Tony Vieira and Arthur Yeung as they workshop their collaborative web app and contribute to their work in progress. This is an “in-person-but-no-talking” workshop, during which communication will be expressed exclusively on Twitter. This “Twitter Salon” will be an experiment in virtual embodiment for a cyborg culture.

All participants must bring a device that can access internet (e.g. mobile phone, tablet, laptop, etc.)

This workshop is offered in conjunction with our fall exhibition: FRACTALIZE 1: I’ve Loved You From Afar, an interdisciplinary multimedia exhibition created by Lesley Loksi Chan, Tony Vieira, and Arthur Yeung in their artist-residency at Factory Media Centre throughout the summer.

A fractal/forensic media arts project by the artists, I’ve Loved You From Afar is the first installment of the FRACTALIZE series and a collaborative exploration of the ecstasies of distance and the glitches of desire. The multimedia exhibit (on view until October 23) is an installation that includes some parts of the story, though not all, including a VR experience and web app.

About the Artists:

Lesley Loksi Chan’s multidisciplinary works have been exhibited internationally and often explore the ambiguous ways in which the personal connects to wider cultural meanings through everyday objects and technologies. Her eclectic practice is a constellation of inquiries that look into the changing concepts and experiences of hybridity. Chan has led several community-based educational projects, typically with a soft focus on the hand-made and the analogue. Her work as an artist and educator has been supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council.

Tony Vieira is a musician, composer, and media artist who creates immersive visual and sonic landscapes for mobile and locative media. He has composed original music scores for television, film, and interactive media, and has created augmented reality, alternate reality, and virtual reality projects that have exhibited internationally. Tony holds an MA in Music Composition from York University where he is currently pursuing a PhD in Ethnomusicology with a focus on Digital Studies. He is a senior researcher with the York University Augmented Reality Lab and a Music Program tutorial instructor.

Arthur Yeung attempts to redefine the presentation of contemporary electronic music in the live environment. Exalting that genre’s broad range of textures & techniques (which include playing acoustic sounds, live sampling, and other assorted real-time manipulation) is the sonic basis of his work, which touches on pop music’s sensibility (melody & beat) and firmly expunges the notion of electronic musicians who huddle on-stage as mere distant operators of their machines.
Originally hailing from Hong Kong, he completed his BFA in electroacoustics at Concordia University (Montreal) and economics at Queen’s University (Ontario), Arthur Yeung has performed internationally with his solo electronic music endeavours and collaborations as Falling Line, been an integral member to Toronto-based indie bands and co-founded the multi-disciplinary (i.e. visual media, movement, music) performance groups The Looking Sea Collective and Automates.

Factory is located at 228 James Street North in downtown Hamilton. The main gallery space is wheelchair accessible. Our washrooms are gender-neutral but unfortunately are not wheelchair accessible.