Factory Media Centre presents Traditional Recipes: Food & Filmmaking

The Factory Media Centre (FMC) announces “Traditional Recipes: Food & Filmmaking” (TRFF), a project currently
underway and running through May 2017. The project, which received support from the Ontario150 Partnership
Program, is engaging Indigenous youth from Hamilton in cooking, creation, and building ties to community.

Over eight weeks this spring, youth aged 15–18 years are working with local Elders and community members to
learn recipes that utilize traditional ingredients and methods. Students are also developing their storytelling skills
and preserving historic First Nations cooking for the future by capturing the sessions on digital video. “I like it
because we get to learn about our culture” said Kyla, a TRFF participant. “Plus, we get to learn different cooking
techniques” added Carrie, a student hoping to pursue a post-secondary education in culinary arts.

Vanessa Crosbie Ramsay, a Hamilton-based media artist, created the project on behalf of the Factory Media Centre,
and formed new organizational partnerships with the Hamilton Regional Indian Centre and The Kitchen Collective.
Vanessa is coordinating the sessions, “With this project, we aim to respectfully acknowledge the legacy and cultural
significance of this region’s first people. We’re aiming for the participating youth to leave the workshops with both
traditional knowledge passed down from Elders, and the tools they need to tell their own digital stories.”

While many organizations aim to recognize Canada’s 150th anniversary, the TRFF project is unique as participants
are learning to create their own narratives surrounding Indigenous identity and traditions, all while gaining valuable
new skills. “It’s hands-on learning that makes the students feel good about themselves.” said HRIC staff.

Weekly workshops run every Thursday morning at The Kitchen Collective until May 18, 2017.

TRFF students will celebrate the conclusion of the project on May 25, 2017 with a public
screening at the Factory Media Centre from 6-8PM, including 
refreshments and special guests.
For more information, please call 905.577.9191 or visit the event page .

The Factory Media Centre (FMC) is a not-for-profit artist-driven resource centre dedicated to the production and promotion of creatively diverse forms of independent films, videos, and other streaming multimedia art forms.

The Hamilton Regional Indian Centre provides urban Aboriginal people with the tools to achieve a balanced, holistic lifestyle. The Kitchen Collective is a non-profit, co-op commercial kitchen and culinary incubator designed to give aspiring entrepreneurs a boost in the industry, and a collaborative space in which to launch their business and learn from each other.