Become A Member!
Minimum age is 18.

Our members come from a variety of cultural and artistic backgrounds and we foster a space that is free of sexism, racism, classism and all forms of discrimination.  Membership privileges may be suspended or terminated at The Factory’s discretion for violations of the Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics, or current policies.  The Factory reserves the right to withdraw a Member’s access if disrespect is shown to other Members, staff or for the mishandling of the equipment.

*New board members are voted in during the Annual General Meeting. If you are a fully paid up member and are interested in joining the Board of Directors, please contact Interested parties must submit a Letter of Intent and CV, and complete a Board Nomination Form.

Full Membership: $45 + HST ($5.85)= $50.85
Seniors (65+) & Full time Student (18+): $25 + HST = $28.25
  • may rent Factory facilities, production and post-production equipment according to current policies.
  • is entitled to attend all member meetings including the AGM.
  • is entitled to vote and hold office (must be a Member in good standing for no less than ninety days)
  • receives discounts on workshops, screenings, publications, and Factory events.

Full Membership gives you access to:

  • Discounts on skills development workshops, lectures and symposia
  • Equipment rentals at affordable rates (you will be among the first to hear about the new gear)
  • 25% DISCOUNT on DVD/CD Mastering, DVD Authoring, DVD/CD Duplication from HILL’S PRODUCTION SERVICES
  • 10% DISCOUNT on photo printing at DAVE GRUGGEN PHOTOGRAPHY
  • FMC Member DISCOUNT on studio rentals at DAVE GRUGGEN PHOTOGRAPHY
  • Access to our video editing workstations loaded with Premiere and Final Cut Pro
  • Opportunities to learn and participate in media arts programming and grant writing
  • Advice and guidance from professional, experienced mentors
  • Invites to screenings, media arts events, networking meetings and more!

FULL Members are entitled to rent equipment in consideration of the following:

  • In order to rent equipment, the member must be a member in good standing and have no outstanding debt to the Factory.
  • Two pieces of identification, one of which must be a photo ID (preferably a Driver’s license and a credit card) and proof of address (phone bill, government letter, bank statement, tenant lease, etc.) are required for accessing equipment.
  • Before utilizing the Factory equipment, the member must satisfy the appointed representative of The Factory that she/he can completely and safely operate the equipment. Workshops to obtain accreditation in the use of said equipment are available.
  • Members will adhere to all the Factory policies regarding the use of equipment and facilities and will complete a Project Form to assist our efforts to document the nature of productions for granting agencies and financial supporters.
  • Members are responsible for copyright clearances on all visual and sound elements to be used in their production. Signing a membership form is an undertaking by the member to hold the Factory harmless and indemnify it against any actions which may arise as a result of the member’s use of copyrighted materials.
  • The Factory invites members include acknowledgment of the Factory’s support in all production credits, and promotional materials.
  • The Factory encourages members to provide a copy of their final project for archival purposes. The provided copy will not be screened publicly without the express permission of the owner.
Full Individual Membership Purchase Link (PayPal)
Senior / Full-time Student Membership Purchase Link (PayPal)
Associate Membership: $25 + HST ($3.25) = $28.25 (NOW $14.10)

NOTE:  Associate Members are non-voting supporters of the Factory – and are not eligible to rent equipment.

  • is open to anyone wishing to support The Factory’s Mission Statement and Policies
  • receives discounts on workshops, screenings, publications, and Factory events
  • may rent the Factory facility but may not rent the Factory’s production or post-production equipment
  • has no access to The Factory equipment except during workshops.
  • is entitled to attend all member meetings, including the AGM but may not vote or hold office

Associate Membership Purchase Link (PayPal)

Organizational Membership: $175 + HST ($22.75) = $197.75 (NOW $98.90)
  • may rent FMC facilities, and has access to the FMC production and post-production equipment according to current policies (maximum of 3 named Members per organizational membership)
  • is entitled to attend, and has one vote, at all Members meetings and the AGM
  • Can hold one seat on the Board in a non-voting, ex-officio capacity, and does not affect the reported number of Board seats
  • receives discounts on workshops, screenings and FMC events
Organizational Membership Purchase Link (PayPal)

As per membership requirements, one must be a Full Member to rent equipment and post-production facilities.