human story

Human Story

human story

ART CRAWL: February 10th from 7pm-10pm

We will present the works of Francis Fiction, from May 2012- July 2015. The show will include videos and still photographs of “Human’s of Hamilton” and videos taken from the first year Hamilton Youth Poets developed (2012-2014)

Francis Fiction is a storyteller whose work is an exploration of the human experience. Francis believes in bearing witness to life through the capturing and re-telling of individual human stories. The founder of Humans of Hamilton, established in May of 2012, he is a writer whose personal storyline is intertwined with the levity of Hamilton’s heartbeat. The experience of this project has demonstrated the recursive nature of vulnerability – when others open up to you, you open up yourself. Francis is one of the eight founding members of Hamilton Youth Poets. His poetry practices this conversation between hearts, speaking unabashedly.


In partnership with the Hamilton Youth Poets.