Factory Feedback: Pitches and Pictures

Wednesday March 29, 2017 at 7PM. 

PITCH is a versatile thing. Pitch me on this. Not that you’re trying to sell anything. You just want to make a case. Or maybe you are tossing a literal baseball, or playing a pitch pipe. Whatever pitch you are playing, let’s get critical about it, and help each other grow. This month’s Factory FeedBack is called PITCH and PICTURES.


Are you working on some new art? A new film? A new audio composition? A new experimentation that you want some artistic feedback on?

Join us at the FMC on March 29th at 7pm to get some constructive feedback from your peers! Improve your artistic practice and grow your creative spine!

This month’s Factory FeedBack will be facilitated by Harold Sikkema. Just bring your digital files on a USB so they can easily be shared with the group.