Annual General Meeting and Election of Trustees

Join your Board of Trustees at Factory’s Annual General Meeting!

Monday. November 27, 2017 at 6PM. All are welcome.
Members Party and Screening Award Announcements will follow the AGM.

The AGM is an excellent opportunity to learn about all the activities, accomplishments, funding announcements, workshops, exhibitions and events from the past year. It is also a great time for you, our members, to exercise your voice in the future governance of Factory, and to let us know what you want to see from the organization.

Volunteers will be on hand to accept membership dues. All new and renewing members at the AGM will be able to vote immediately:
All current new and renewing Full and Organizational Members are allowed to vote at any General meeting of the Membership. All member privileges are available immediately to all Members upon registration. (2009) — Factory By-Law

All current Factory members are eligible to nominate another member to the Board of Trustees, to be elected at the AGM. You can download the nomination form as a  Word Document or PDF if you would like to make a nomination.

In addition, any member unable to attend the AGM may appoint another member or the Secretary of the Board to vote on their behalf as proxy. You can download the proxy form as a PDF or Word Document.

If you are able to assist with the AGM in any way please let us know. Do not hesitate to call the gallery at 905-577-9191 or email Arts and Tech Administrator, Abedar Kamgari, at if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you at our AGM + Members Party on Monday, November 27 at 6PM!

Election Procedure
By-Law 27.

The Board shall be elected by the Full Members of the Corporation as follows:

a) at least 6 weeks before the annual general meeting, the Secretary shall send a list of nominees to each Full Member and ask that the member provide to the Board, within 2 weeks, the name of any additional persons that member wishes to nominate, together with a completed nomination form.

b) at least 10 days before the annual general meeting, the Board shall send a list consisting of the slate of candidates together with a form of proxy by which each Full Member can appoint either another Full Member or the Secretary of the Corporation to vote for specific candidates.

c) at the annual general meeting, a poll vote shall be held and a Scrutineer appointed by the Chair of the meeting shall tabulate the results of the votes of those voting Members voting in person or by proxy.